Exhibit Spaces:

Art-Mall is set as a unique pavilion in the public space of all kinds. 

The art is exposed to the eyes of a wide and versatile visitors.

We believe that art should be everywhere. To this end, we create art spaces of a different kind. The gallery showcases the artists in public spaces of everyday life. We know how to place art in open spaces, outdoor spaces, on the way to the public, entrance spaces for offices, academies and more.

Representation of artists: Art Gallery Mall was born as a vision of Architect Arik Talor as an artist, inventor and entrepreneur. The vision of art in different spaces from a dedicated space has brought the venture in the management of Arik invention company to a different representation model from the one that exists today.

The gallery represents artists both at the commercial level, as well as the level of mentors to break into other fields such as NFT arrays as a complementary part to the works of art and also in the production and adaptation of the works to the various exhibition projects.